Peter Blum Gallery New York

Peter Blum Gallery

National Art Museum of China Videos

here is a wonderful page of National Art Museum of China, a virtual, video tour. You can follow them National Art Museum of China at these Beijing Art Galleries click here

David Zwirner Gallery Videos

In 2012, he was listed at number two in Forbes  magazine’s “America’s Most Powerful Art Dealers. You can follow the  David Zwirner Gallery at his website and you can find the Social Media here
On this page we are searching for recent videos from his Chelsea gallery.


How to use Projector For Art | Projection for Artists

How to Prime Art Canvas

I Am Not Clay | Poem

Wood Fired Pottery Sculpture
Wood Fired Pottery Sculpture by Kaitlin Savage Ceramics by Kaitlin Savage


I am not clay

I am a fired pot

I cannot be molded

I can only be cherished,



or broken.

Butterflies and Blossoms for Spring

I Was Created to Notice the Cat Catching Butterflies

Spring Blossoms Promise Everything

Selfishness is Essential in Spring

Poems by David Michael Jackson
Music Andy Derryberry and David Jackson and Chris Carmichael

On Submitting and Submitting

In our 21st year, I reflect on who we are and why we went to all of this trouble. Artvilla’s beginnings are all about being the outsider. Recently I tried to submit again. The outsider is outside because of that word. The ArtVilla’s may often be created by people, the world would say, can’t handle rejection. This is probably true. Maybe that is why Summer Breeze formed also but she didn’t have the same ego as I. She simply wrote her poems, published them and never thought of submitting to others.

Every now and then your editor and publisher of thinks he will publish on the established insider sites. The one who accepts poems from others, shoots the bird at submitting every time. He knows you run into another editor, possibly like him.

There is the published art, the rejected art, and the fuck you I won’t submit art. The last is not the best, it’s just the treasure buried. You can find it in your attics, in your trunks. There are many Emily Dickinsons, some of us really seem to do it for reasons other than pleasing anyone but ourselves. It’s like we create and set it beside the road for you to discover, or not, to keep, or not. It’s not up to us. We just are lousy salesmen.

You can find me here. This is my attic.My attic has the most beautiful things in it that can be found no where else. These attic items are by many many wonderful people who deserve your attention.

I thank the folks who don’t have my affliction for submitting their work. Thanks for being in my attic with me. I’m dedicated to keeping these magnetic spots charged and our work up.
It’s a lot of work to start a website. Don’t be like Dave, submit.
(Frankly we should change that word. It brings out the Braveheart in me. lol)
Dave Jackson